Hertz MLCX 2 TW.3

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Hertz MLCX 2 TW.3 - SET 2-Way Crossover Tweeter/Woofer (ML1650/ML1800)

Elevate your car audio system with the Hertz MLCX 2 TW.3 crossover, a versatile tool designed to optimize your speaker performance. Whether you want to fine-tune your soundstage or explore the benefits of bi-amping, this crossover offers precise control and exceptional audio quality. Take your listening experience to the next level with the MLCX 2 TW.3.


Hertz MLCX 2 TW.3  car audio crossover provides the ability to realize a bi-amplified system, that is, to connect two amplifiers, or anyway two separate channels, to the crossover, so making it possible to drive woofer and tweeter separately.

The significant power increase with this configuration highlights all the features of the MLK 1650.3 Legend system, with all the advantages coming from the multi-amplification. Besides, thanks to the Mid-Contour and Hi-Contour controls, dedicated to the management of woofer cut-off frequency and tweeter cut-off frequency respectively, the cross-point can be varied.

Through each of these two Contour controls, featuring a two-position selector, the system frequency response can be fine-tuned, adjusting it according to the different acoustics of the cars and the different speaker placements and, most of all, the listener can achieve their favourite sound.

Technical Specs

Component Crossover
Power Handling - Peak W 300
Power Handling - Peak Note 150
Depth mm (in.) 41 (1.68)

Tweeter            +2 / 0 / -2 dB
Hi-Boost           ON / OFF
Hi-Contour       ON / OFF
Mid-Contour    ON / OFF
Bi-Amp              ON / OFF

Weight of one component - Crossover kg (lb) 0,57 (1.26)

Woofer      Lo-pass 6 dB Oct.
Tweeter     Hi-pass 12 dB Oct.
Cut-off        2.5 kHz (Mid/Hi-Cont. = ON)
3.5 kHz      (Mid/Hi-Cont. = OFF)


1. Bi-amplification available, selectable through appropriate hi-current rating switch with hi-current carrying capability.
2. Mid-Contour two-position control, for a linear mid-bass frequency response according to the woofers position in the car and the listener s favourite sound.
3. Hi-Contour two-position control, to select the tweeter hi-pass crossover point selection according to the tweeter position/angle towards the listener.
4. Mid-Contour in conjunction with Hi-Contour provides the ability to use MLCX 2 TW.3 to build a two way system based on ML 1650.3 or ML 1800.3 woofer together with ML 280.3 tweeter.
5. Three-position switch for tweeter level adjustments in 2 dB steps, to fine-tune the
transducer s emission.
6. Hi-Boost control, selectable through appropriate switch, to provide better linearity of the tweeter emission above 10kHz when positioned not on axis to with the listener.
7. Extremely high quality bi-metallized 160V polyester film capacitors with ultra-low DF, for maximum sound transparency and neat mid/hi-frequencies.
8. Air wound inductors built on pure copper-wire with up to 1mm diameter, for high saturation threshold of the magnetic flux and low losses on the woofer section where high transient currents are demanded.
9. High power rating Wirewound resistors, to ensure performance stability even at high operating temperature. The Wirewound build construction grants low parasitic series inductance thus reducing losses at high frequencies, especially for resistors in series to the tweeter.

Weight: 4.55 lb